Friday, September 09, 2005

To Canada!!

I finally got around to giving my resume to this Canadian language institute that has a partnership with a Japanese company that places native English speakers in schools in Japan to teach English to the kids over there. The really crazy part is that ten minutes after submitting my resume, I get an email from a human resources person asking me when I can come to Vancouver, BC for an interview. They are taking their next batch of teachers to ship over in November and want to interview each applicant in person due to the fact that we will be teaching kids.

Either way, I am going to try to make the drive on Monday and come back on Wednesday after an interview either Tuesday or Wednesday. I think I will be making the trek to the Canadian frontier on my own which kind of sucks but hey, a road trip is a road trip.

If I do get the job, I will be over there for either a year or two years. They will pay for my apartment and I get about $2500 a month for payment. I would teach 4-6 classes a day with about 10 kids per class. The ages range from 3-15, hopefully more older kids than younger but either way it should be interesting. I get weekends off and am free to do whatever when I am not teaching. They have schools in all parts of the country other than Tokyo but with their hyper-efficient train system, adventures in Tokyo would not take that long to get to. It would be fun I think.

Part of me is kind of creeped out by the idea of living alone in a country with people that speak a totally different language than I do but at the same time, this is what I have wanted to do for a long,long,long time. I think the being alone part would be good for me. The part that I really like is the fact that I would be able to learn the language and that could help me on fifty different levels, but I would also be teaching and actually DOING something with myself. I need to start doing something in a bad way. The historical society is a good start but I need a major change. I have seriously been contemplating selling most of my belongings and just moving somewhere, anywhere, as long as it is new and foreign to me. I think that would kickstart something for me, despite the fact I am not sure what that something would be. I want to be mobile with no tie-downs. At the same time, I want to settle down and have a family and career. Bottom line: I am confused. There is part of me that really wants to disappear somewhere for a couple of years and then there is the part of me that wants to find a girl, get a career, and start a family.....again. Hopefully, more permanently this time.....yeah. I don't know, at least this would be something.

On the mobility note, I sold my old laptop and ordered a newer, lighter, longer batteried notebook from Sony. It should be here by October 1st. I also applied for my passport today and it will be here by October 20th. I figured it would be handy to have even if I don't get this job. I can leave country whenever after I get that guy.

Anywho, hopefully Monday will be a long day of driving and hopefully the trip will yield me a new job. My mom hopes so, she already is making plans to visit me if I get it.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Linguist Jake said...

Good luck, dude. I hope you get this opportunity.


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