Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My New Mobile Buddy

I am typing this post from my new laptop. My Sony Vaio VGN-S580P notebook arrived this morning and I must say, I am impressed.

The laptop specs are as follows:

P4M 760 (2ghz) CPU
Wireless B/G/Bluetooth
Dual Layer DVD Rewritable Drive
100gig Hd
1gig DDR
Geforce 6400 Go Video card that uses 256megs of the system memory.
13.3" LCD
4lbs of weight (about 5 with the battery)

This laptop rocks, its easy to type on and the screen is friggin' bright. I am happy I like it because soon it will be the only computer I own. :)

In other news, my work visa application packet came in the mail today as well. That was kind of entertaining to fill out due to the fact that it is in Japanese and English. It seems that all of the cogs that will eventually carry me off to Japan are coming together.


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