Friday, September 09, 2005

Insomnia Sucks

It is 4am and I am still awake. I have to be at work at 10am and I am still awake. I have laid in bed for two hours now and I am still awake. Beh.

I have a lot of stuff on my mind right now and that doesn't help. But just because I have been thinking about a lot of stuff lately should not mean that I have a ton of energy at four in the friggin' morning. This is stupid. On top of that, I have not had a good night's sleep in almost a month. I would pay money if someone could do something for me that would get me to go to sleep soundly. I am not a pill popper but I am honestly thinking about going and buying sleeping pills after I get off of work in sixteen hours. Is it bad that I know the exact date of the last time I slept soundly without waking up for more than six hours? It was the night of Thursday, August 18th. I slept from 5:30am to almost noon on Friday without waking up once. Ok it was the morning of Friday, August 19th that I actually got sound sleep. Either way, it was the best sleep I have had in forever and before that morning, the last time I got sound sleep was Wednesday, July 27th, the first night I got to sleep in my actual ultra-squishy queen bed in months.

I think it is about time I begin thinking seriously about hacking my circadian rhythm again.


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