Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Happenings Over The Past Couple of Days

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, my bad, I just haven't really felt like writing about too much. Where to begin?

I have been following the tragedy that is New Orleans quite closely. I had been planning to go there very soon and I get the feeling that won't be happening. I have always like the look and atmosphere that New Orleans as a city projects to the rest of the world. It is a very unique place and I was hoping to go there for either Mardi Gras or just a short vacation early next year. It will be interesting to see if they even have Mardi Gras this year...if they do, the parade may have to be on rafts. It is such a shame that much of the city will have to be torn down and rebuilt; fortunatley, the French Quarter remains largely intact so from a historical standpoint not all has been lost. For anyone that lives in that area, I feel for you and wish you and your families the best.

In other news, I formatted my big computer and reinstalled everything. It is smooth as butter once again. I like fresh systems. I sold my laptop yesterday and will probably be ordering my new one this next week. Sony has a six months same as cash deal going on that I will be taking advantage of. This will be my last laptop for a while I think. I am trying to make this as future proof as possible and as light as possible. If I go travelling I want something that can come with me and not take up a ton of space or weight.

Last night, Vixen came over and watched a couple of movies with me. Demonator and Phyrry floated in and out as both of them were doing other things. It was a good time. We have been watching a lot of a show called "Wonderfalls" lately that is quite good. So good in fact that it was cancelled after four episodes had aired. Phyrry bought the dvds and they made 13 episodes all together. It was a pretty good series.

Lastly before I take off to work, my tattoos are healing up nicely and I will post pics of them but not quite yet. I let them get too dry and Evil Homer especially, is peeling a tad. When I take a shower it weirds me out to see my skins peel off in multi-colored confetti-esque fashion. It freaks me out a tad. It doesn't help that I normally sleep on my left arm either. I think in a day or two though they will be as right as rain.

Well, that is all for now. I need to take off for work. Later!


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