Monday, August 01, 2005

These Are The Stories of The Real Men and Women of Law Enforcement

This cracked me up. I went for my run tonight at Gold's (I HAVE LOST 20 LBS!!) and when finished I was walking out to my car and what do I see, three cop cars surrounding a car that had jumped up on to the median in the road. In the parking lot in front of the gym stood three of Boise's finest giving some tool a sobriety test and he was not doing well.

As I watched, the officers did the whole follow the finger thing and then to my glee they made him walk the line on the sidewalk. Even to the untrained eye such as mine, there was no way on God's green Earth that this guy was not going to spend the night in a jail cell. He had a hard time walking upright and it took the cops several demonstrations before he was confident enough to try it for himself. When he actually started the whole one foot in front of the other thing he began tripping all over himself and stumbling. This was quite amusing to say the least.

Shortly after the drunk guy's version of walking, the officers read him his Miranda Rights and cuffed him. All of this just because those freaking medians jump out of no where and get in front of your car. Who would be able to break or swerve to avoid them at the speed in which those little landscaped buggers dash to and fro? Evidently, not the guy in handcuffs.

Satisfied that I was able to watch my tax dollars at work in a most entertaining manner, I strolled to my car and sang the Cops theme song to myself. An amusing end to a pretty decent day.


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lol Cheryl lol


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