Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Star is Born....Along With Evil Homer

The tattoo session went well today and I walked out of there with my fun and happy looking star on the left side of my upper back and Evil Homer on my upper left arm. I am extremely satisfied with both of them, Travis Berg did a great job. Both tattoos are a tad weepy and bloody at the moment but by tommorow I should be able to take some decent pics of them. Right now, Homer looks like he has horrible acne all over his face and hands. Since his face is actually bleeding, it is more than likely weaponized Ebola but who is to say really.

My cousin also went with me to get his first tattoo and his turned out very well also. He had a cross put on his shoulder that fades from black to red as you get toward the center of the tattoo. Very spiffy.

I have decided to pay one more visit to Travis and this will probably occur sometime in late October or early November. I want to get a couple of flames put around Homer, a little bit more color on my original tattoo, a pirate flag in the dead center of my upper back, and lastly, Mr. Burns with a set of angel wings on my right upper arm. Yeah, after that I will stop. I may or may not get the pirate flag but it is very tempting. I will figure that out later. Mr. Burns is definitely happening because to have something on my left arm but not my right would throw off the balance the tattoos provide. I know it sounds weird but I like symmetry and therefore, Mr. Burns must be there, just go with it.

My problem is that I really like tattoos and if money was not an issue, I would probably have most of my back done. I also refrain from doing this because some people aren't big on tattoos or find tons of them unattractive, I still have not decided where I stand on the issue but for now I am instigating a five tattoo limit on my body. I do not want to get carried away.

After the tattoo thing today, I went over to Phyrry's house to eat dinner with her and Demonator. We had turkey burgers and they were good. It was the first time I have eaten a whole turkey burger and I was surprised how much like hamburger they taste when adorned with the appropriate condiments. With dinner I had a bottle of Framboise Raspberry Lambic which is very tasty. Imagine what would happen if sparkling raspberry juice met beer and they had a child. It tastes just like raspberry juice and is very very easy to drink.

All in all it was a pretty good day today. Tomorrow means going to work but going to work means showing off my new ink so that isn't that bad. Night Night!


At 10:30 PM, Anonymous dustin said...

Seriously Fruit Lambics are my very least favorite beers. I shudder at the thought that people actually enjoy those things.

At 2:28 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

I don't know what it is about that raspberry one but I absolutely love that stuff. I have never tried other fruits though so you may be right about the rest of 'em.


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