Monday, August 08, 2005

Return From Shelbyville

I got back into town last night and I must say, I had a blast hanging out with Easy T for the weekend. (Note: It was decided since there was already a Mr.T, Easy T was a better name for said person :) My first night there, Easy T, his friend, and I went to a couple of bars and one of them served as the inspiration for Moe's Tavern on the Simpsons. I also saw the inspiration for the Jebidiah Springfield Statue that night. It turns out, Matt Groening was from Springfield, Oregon which is the neighboring city to Eugene. Shelbyville in the Simpsons, where Bort and Liza live, is actually meant to be Eugene. I learned all sorts of Simpsons stuff that night.

Easy T and I also went into Portland for a day and hung out at Powell's Books, Fry's Electronics, and a place called Ground Control. Ground Control was kind of cool, it is part bar and part old school arcade. They only have old games there and the second storey of the building is dedicated to old pinball machines that Easy T played extensively. I was happy they had Missle Command and placed third in the rankings on it. I love Missle Command. In a couple of weeks, The Minibosses will be playing there. They are a band that does covers of old Nintendo game theme songs and they rock. Easy T is going to the concert and will be buying me much Minibosses merchandise.

The weekend was a fun one as a stated above. I really enjoyed being able to hang out with Easy T andactually get to have conversations with him. Sometimes, email just doesn't cut it and you need to get in face time with your friends. I was glad we were both able to work my visit into our schedules.

Now that I am back in town, today is cleaning day. Tomorrow, Mushi and I meet with the realtor and go over a couple of minor house thing that the inspector wants us to do before we finalize the sale of our house. It should be an easy couple of days and then I go back to work on Wednesday.


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