Monday, August 29, 2005

Jukebox Battle

Demonator, Phyrry, and I decided to go to Merrit's at 1am and have a milkshake. Merrit's is this little dive of a cafe that happens to have a jukebox sitting next to the door as you walk into the place. I like jukeboxes.

The fun part to jukeboxes is that for how many ever songs a person decides to pay for, they are in total control of what the other inhabitants of an establishment listen to. This is the double-edged blade of the audio world. If you are lucky, the guy that is picking songs has good musical taste and will give you a unique blend of songs and artists. Unfortunately, you can also get stuck with the people that must play late-70's butt metal while you try to eek out a conversation over the boring riffs and basslines that were probably created during a stupor brought about by Hamm's Beer and cocaine. Tonight was that night for our trio of late night snackers.

After the rocking ceased I decided it was time to take control and revenge. I had seven tracks to load so I had to make my choices count. The first track was Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz. Good song. Not what our metal loving diners liked but that was just a warm up to prepare them for the intense rocking they were about to receive. About the third or fourth track in I went for the jugular with Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth, a poppy little track from 1990 that I happen to be mildly fond of. The choice was also tinged with a tad of spite toward the metalheads for making me listen to their crap for the first part of our meal. As I suspected, the song choice paid off and within seconds they were arguing amongst themselves and blaming one another for picking the song.

Several seconds after the song really kicked into gear the group of metalheads got up to go pay, still blaming one another for picking Ms. Carlisle's song and tormenting the group. Several charges of homosexuality were also laid at the feet of one of the metalheads. Demonator and Phyrry knew that I had picked the song and the three of us had quite a good laugh as the waitress, in an effort to quell the situation confessed that she had picked the song because she liked it. Moments later the metalheads had gone out to the parking lot leaving us in the peace and quiet that can only come with Heaven is a Place on Earth. All in all, tonight was a very amusing dining experience.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Linguist Jake said...

ur ghey

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Mogwai said...

I know you are but what am I? :)

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Phyrry said...

That so rocked the casbah. Stupid metalheads bombing our lovely milkshake hunt with their crappy assrock... revenge is indeed sweet.


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