Thursday, August 25, 2005


I just got back from a very strange mini-adventure.

After getting off of work, I sat around my room for a bit checking email and procrastinating about going to lift weights. After several minutes of mental wrestling, I put on my workout stuff and headed for the gym. I worked on my legs tonight and followed up with a dip into the pool and hottub. The workout was good and I left happily worn out and damp from the swim.

While getting in my car I decided that I should go find The Ring 2 to rent and see how that movie is seeing that I don't have to work until 4pm tomorrow and can sleep in. I went to one Blockbuster and they were out so I decided to try one other Blockbuster that was also my end of town. To my joy they had the movie and they also had Being John Malkovich to buy for cheap so I grabbed that as well. I chatted with the clerk for a couple of seconds about the Japanese version of The Ring and then left.

When I got into my car I decided I was hungry and thought that Twin Dragon sounded good. I phoned in my order and promptly drove to pick it up. When I got there, I had a very strange urge to talk to Brandi, Easy T's sister. Her and I talked for almost half an hour before I decided that it was time to leave. Here is the strange part...or maybe it isn't strange at all and I am blowing it all out of proportion.

I am driving home and decided to take one way because I liked the scenery better. While driving, I pass two people that were obviously very very wasted. I also recognized them. The female was a girl named Cassie that I work with. Cassie is pretty cool save for the fact that she loses every drop of repsonsibility in her ver small body when she drinks. I mention her size because she is a light-weight in drinking terms and should probably not go drinking unsupervised. The guy that was with her is named Domingo. I also work with him and he and I get along pretty well. But like Cassie, when he gets drunk he gets stupid. Anywho, I knew they were too far out of downtown to be going to a bar and figured that they were looking for a car or were so drunk they had lost their way, either way it was not a good thing to have them out and about in their current state. I decided to stop in a nearby lot and go over to see what they were doing.

After talking to them, my suspicions were confirmed, they were indeed looking for Cassie's car. She was going to drive them home....yeah. I told them this was not happening and that I would take them anywhere they wanted but I was not letting either of them drive, especially not Cassie. Domingo asked if I remembered where his sister's house was and I told him that I still did from a previous drinking escapade we all embarked on a couple months ago. Off we headed to his sister's house.

On the way there, Cassie fell asleep against the rear window of my car and was so out of it she didn't even wake up when she hit her head pretty hard on the glass. Fortunately, the house was not far and nobody puked in my car. I made sure they made it into the house and firmly told Domingo that he would not take Cassie back to get her car tonight. And if I found out he did I am going to rip into him.

While on the way to the house, we passed three cops who were looking for drunks. If I had not been there to pick those two up I am pretty sure they would have gotten stopped and both would be in jail. Worse could have happened too I suppose. Either way, I was there at the right moment to help them whether or not they thought they needed it and I feel good about it. My good deed quota is filling up quite nicely lately. I just can't help but think that if I did one thing differently tonight something bad would have happened to Cassie and Domingo. I don't know why, I just have a feeling. Odd....but good that I was able to help them out.


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