Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Freakin' Bored

I am really freakin' bored right now. I have a multitude of things I could be doing and almost all of them are more constructive that what I have been doing for the past hour or two. I think it has to do with the fact that my apartment's temperature feels like the outer ring of hell at the moment. Heat saps my ambition hardcore.

So you might ask, what have I been doing this evening? A good question, I have been downloading packs of magazines as of late and reading all of them. It is amazing how cool some magazines can be and it ticks me off that I can't find some of them in regular stores. For example, I have been reading a lot of "Jane's Defence Weekly". Basically, Jane's is a magazine for defense contractors and military folk who might actually care that Greece just finished buying 30 more F-16 fighter aircraft and that the purchase may stall the tenative agreement they had with the EU for purchasing the Typhoon aircraft. Why I dig this, I am not sure.

In other news, I met with Mushi and the realtor today and we got our list of minor fixes that must be done to the house. I have already done my part of them. I need to call a siding person tomorrow and see if it is possible for them to come out a repair a small spot at the front of the house. Mushi has a couple of things to do as well but these are pretty small tasks and will take minimal effort on her part to accomplish. This means that we will be closing the house sale on Friday and we should have our money by Monday. Rock On! This means that aside from my car, I will have accomplished my goal of being debt free by the first of the year. I rule. I think my family and I are going out on Monday to celebrate the endo f all of this stuff. It will be nice I think.

I also finally got my grade from that summer school class that I "pwnd". As I figured, I got an "A". This means that my lifetime GPA got boosted to a 3.012 which means, I am now eligible for grad school and I have been looking at a Masters in Applied History which is a lot like the work I have been doing for the History Society. We will see, I want to make sure that is actually what I want to do before I take the GRE and commit myself to school once again.

Anysho, I can feel another tide of ambition wash over me now so I am going to do something constructive now.....like clean my room....grrr.


At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Masters? Nah, just bottle your marinade and live like a king. A food king.

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Spyder Mayhem said...

Go ahead and live your food king lifestyle, but if I ever wake up to you standing outside of my bedroom window offering me a delicious breakfast sandwich, there will be reprocussions. Oh yes. Reprocussions.


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