Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Decorating the Temple

Some people will tell you that your body is your temple and if that is the case, I am adding some more decorations to it today. I got a tattoo of an angry little star a couple of years ago on the upper right side of my back and today I will get a happy little star on the opposite side. I am also getting Evil Homer put on my shoulder today so that should be fun. When they heal I will post pics on here for all to see.

The other funny part is that I have a cousin who is in Boise now going to bible college and I convinced him to come with me and get some ink done as well. I love warping the minds of younger relatives, its so much fun.

Anywho, I am going to grab a haircut before getting poked with a bunch of needles for a couple of hours so I need to take off.


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