Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Selling The House

Today, Mushi and I met for coffee and discussed the whole house selling issue and what needed to get done in order to sell the house. Mushi gave me the name of a real estate agent that one of her co-workers used and her house sold in two hours so I am hopeful that ours will go quickly as well.

Tomorrow, we have a meeting with the agent to see how much she charges in commission and hopefully within a week or so we will be able to get the house on the market. All of this will depend of course on if we decide to go with this particular agent and how quickly we can get the house up to speed as far as the chores that go into making a house saleable. Either way, this is progress after motnhs of not having any progress on the home selling front. Now hopefully we will be able to get some money out of the thing.


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