Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ode to My Bed

Last night, I slept a slumber that infants would be envious of. I finally, got my queen sized bed put up in my room and I must say, I have missed it. Until last night, I have been sleeping in a crappy daybed that has a twin matress on it. It had a clunky wooden frame that I would bump my head on during the night and it creaked when ever I rooled over. Now, it is all about first class comfort.

The queen takes up a third of my room but with a feather mattress like this one has, I can make space for it. The only thing that even remotely sucked about the bed was the fact that the last time I slept in it, it was with Mushi. That bothered me for a few minutes but then I fell asleep. And what a good sleep it was.

Maybe now, I won't put off getting sleep. For the first time in a while, I did not wake up once last night. It is amazing what a good, cushy bed can do for you.


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