Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A New Car!

I went to take my crappy Saturn into the shop this morning to get numerous things fixed on it and by the end of the day I was driving off the lot in a New Used 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS!

I had no intention of buying a car today but after several hours and a couple of phone calls from the mechanic, it became evident that I would be sinking about $1300.00 into the car. That got me to thinking, why in the world should I drop more into repairing the car than what I even owe on it? I did not help that the Saturn lot had a Matrix XRS either. I have researched the Toyota Matrix line since 2002-2003 and have fallen in love with that car. They are sporty looking and they actually can serve a purpose. They are fast, yet spacious enough to hold 4 people comfortably or a lot of stuff easily. I like these cars.

My Matrix has a black exterior with black rims. The interior is also black. Just how I like it. It is a six speed manual transmission with a sixteen valve, 4,8 litre engine. It has about 170hp and about 125 lbs of torque. The best part of all is that the car only has 4500 miles on it! Basically, some retard bought it, took the depreciation hit for team Mogwai, and sold the car back to the lot. Oh yeah, and he put spiffy rims on it too. The Toyota warranty is still good and the car is just like new. It still has the new smell too. This car will also hold its value over time unlike my Saturn.

Yesterday, Mushi and I spoke with the realitor about our house and it will go on the market next Thursday. Hopefully, it wil sell quickly. Our realitor is confident it will and the market around Boise is wicked hot right now for home buying so I am quasi-hopeful too. Anywho, just thought I should do a little update. Tomorrow, I will hopefully get some pics of the car on here.


At 1:24 PM, Anonymous dustin said...

Congrats on the new car! It's always a good feeling to have a car that suits you.


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