Sunday, July 31, 2005

Goodbye House!

It is a very exciting time right now for Mushi and I. On Thursday, our small house went on the market for $114,000.00. By the end of the day, we already had three offers on it and two of the three were for what we were asking. Our realtor, Tracy, called us and wanted us to come into her office the next day to discuss the three offers we had received and so the following day at 10am, Mushi and I arrived at her office.

I arrived first and the realtor told me that a new offer was coming in that she suggested we wait for because according to what she had heard, it was "pretty sweet". Musho got there a few minutes later and after waiting in the lobby for ten minutes or so, Tracy ushered us into her office where we started discussing the first three offers that were made on our house. After that, she was faxed the "sweet" offer and was it ever.

Some guy was willing to give us $119,000.00 for the house! That is five thousand more than what we were even asking! He had also been willing to go up to $122,000.00 had someone tried to outbid him. Unfortunately, no one else tried to challenge his house buying superiority but that is cool, because now we get even more money. The deal on the house will close sometime toward the middle of August and Mushi and I will each get almost $10,000.00. WOOT!!!

It is going to be so weird, for the first time in almost seven years I will be debt free with the exception of my car. I will have a savings account and I will not have to worry about living from paycheck to paycheck anymore. It will be awesome. I can finally start to do some heavy stock investing that I have always wanted to do. I am very excited. It is kind of bittersweet because it did take a divorce to get to this point but hey, what do you do?

Anywho, the house selling was really freaking cool.


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