Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Good Evening

Tonight has been a good night. Mr. Blue and TPLConjecture are in town and all of us are sitting together, watching a movie, and tooling around on our laptops. Earlier, we went to munch on pizza at Flying Pie. Flying Pie is some of the damned best pizza in Boise and whenever Mr. Blue comes to town, he must pay a visit to that place of pizza-ey goodness.

We are also having a small poker game tonight as well. When my brother gets done hanging out with his woman the poker playing will commence.

Right now I feel very at peace. I like having my good friends around. It isn't often anymore that all of us are in the same room together, so when that happens we try to make the most of playing on our computers. :) Anywho, back to the computer playing and movie watching. I will post more tomorrow probably. Later!


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