Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Feeling Floaty

I went for my workout today and something weird happened. Today was leg workout day and that means that it is a short but very intense workout. It is one of my favorites. I met up with Ray the trainer dude and we started the torture.

After my core workout, which is basically a ten minute stretch where I put my abs through the grinder, we started on my legs. The first excercise was the leg press. I get a kick out of the leg press because I have pretty big legs and I can actually do more weight than my trainer can. It is one of the few exercises that actually makes me feel like I am a Greek God. Anywho, we upped my weight today and I struggled through the last rep and toward the end I think I pulled a muscle in my neck. It made it feel like I had brain freeze from sucking down a Slushee too fast. The workout went downhill from there.

I had three more exercises to do and I did them all well, going up in weight on a couple of them but I felt really out of it. By the end of the workout I was struggling to get my breath and keep my eyes open. I felt very light-headed and weak. I went out to my car and drove home and when I got home, I stripped down to my boxers and lay in bed for several minutes, shaking and sweating.

I decided that maybe my blood sugar was low so I went to the fridge and got a lemon-lime Shasta. The second some of the cold liquid hit my stomach I had to puke. I went to the bathroom and just popped. It was odd. I have never puked from working out. Now I feel fine but really weak. Spyder is coming over and we are going to Din Fung, that should help. I think I just need to get something in me and I will feel ok again. Anywho, this whole episode was odd and I thought I should post it. Lunch time!


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