Tuesday, July 26, 2005

All Moved Out

Since 12:30pm I have been moving the last pieces of furniture that I had at the old house over to Demonator and I's. Now I have a queen sized bed, though I am unsure how exactly I am going to make it fit in my room. The room looks so spacious without a bed in it, too bad humans have to have sleep, thus necessitating the need for a bed. All I have left at the house now is my BBQ grill and a frozen turkey. Ahh...turkey.....curry. Anywho.

It looks like I will indeed be going to Oregon next week to visit Mr. T so I am getting pretty stoked about that. And no, it isn't the Mr. T, it is one of my friends who looks nothing like Mr. T unfortunately. Mr. T, you should look more like Mr. T. Then we would all get chicks.

After having been on the go for the vast majority of the day, I am worn out and hungry. Thankfully, Wendy's was able to sooth my hunger into a nice feeling of warm, greasy, bliss. I finishing downloading every Beavis and Butthead today so I think I will watch a couple of those. They were a lot funnier when I was in sixth grade but what do you do.


At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I try not at all to look like Mr. T.


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