Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Train Wreck Television: Take One

Tonight marked the first day of shooting for Spyder, Anderson, and I's show, Train Wreck Television. It will air on public tv, so like this blog, only ten people will probably actually watch it. Soon, it will have a website of its own and we may actually have episodes available for download at some point.

The highlight of the night was conducting the interviews in the bar district of downtown Boise. It is amazing what drunk people will say or do when put in front of a camera. Amazing. We had one guy that was a self-proclaimed jackass, another that was an alcoholic, and there was a girl from LA. The girl from LA was pretty funny, she supposedly went to the Viper Room when she was ten to see a concert. I told her she had a crappy parent. Either that or she was a liar, either way, it was fun.

Seeing that it is 3am, I need to get to bed. I have to be up at 8am and right now that does not sound too entertaining. Good night!


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