Saturday, June 25, 2005

Date Disappointment

Tonight, I was supposed to go out to dinner with this girl that works in another department within the store. We were going to have Japanese food, which I have been in the mood for now for several days. Notice how I have been using workds like "supposed" and "were", yeah, that is because the date didn't happen. >:(

Everything seemed to be on track until I got to work this morning to find out that she drove to Washington to pick up a guy friend of hers and bring him back to Idaho with her. WTF! That was my first good indicator my date was going awry. She then suggested that instead of going out, I should go over to her place and have dinner. I thought that would be a tad awkward considering the other company there but agreed.

As the day wore on, even the dinner idea seemed to deteriorate. I think it was kind of half-hearted to begin with but whatever. Overall, I am kind of ticked off. Not so much that I didn't get to go out but at the inconsideration that she showed in doing that to me. What if I had made reservations to somewhere? I just didn't think that the whole thing was very kosher. If you are going to brush me off, just tell me. Don't be all weird about it. I hate it when people candy coat things or dodge around subjects that make them uncomfortable. I can take rejection and disappointment but at least have the decency to shaft me straight up without any of this excuse bullshit.

Other than that, my day went pretty well. I think I figured out what the next tattoos I am going to get are going to be of.


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