Monday, June 27, 2005

The Anniversary That Wasn't

So today or should I say the 26th of June, should have been Mushi and I's first anniversary as a married couple. Woo.

The question I have been pondering as of late is this: Had I known everything I know now and how all of it would end up, would I have just stayed in bed a year ago today? The answer varies depending on my mood. Lately, I have been tilting toward the "stay in bed and watch movies" answer. The whole divorce thing has kind of jaded my take on our relationship. I have a lot of fond memories with Mushi and now all of them have this tinge to them that kind of ruins them in a way. I am sure Mushi is going through the same thing now and that all of her memories of me are tainted by the fact that as of late, I have been kind of a jerk to her. I dunno, it just seems like all of my memories end in a "but" now and that kind of makes me sad and angry. Sad and angry pretty much sums up my take on the whole relationship and how it ended. Such is life.

Speaking of tainted memories, I watched "Land of the Dead" tonight. That movie has now tainted all of my fond memories of George Romero zombie movies. Smart zombies piss me off.

And on that note, I am going to sleep.


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