Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Work Out Update

I just walked in the door from lifting weights and going for a small run. I must say, I feel really good. As Ray said, I think I am losing weight. My pants are starting to get looser again and I think I can see it a little im my face. The difference isn't dramatic but I think it is there. The cool part, I still have just about three months left of this whole experiment.

As far as the weight loss and diet stuff goes, I have stuck with it pretty well. The first couple of days that my calories were trimmed back I felt hungry but lately, I can eat a breakfast bar and a juice for breakfast and anotehr breakfast bar a few hours later and ber pretty good to go until dinner time. I have a problem eating large breakfasts because my body just doesn't like that much food that early but the breakfast bar seems to do alright. I have cheated a couple of times and gone over my coloric limit for the day but I usually make up for the loss the next day. I think one big thing I have noticed is that I am getting better at differentiating between when my mind tells my body I am hungry and when my stomach tells my body I am hungry. I have pretty good self control now over my eating and I think it is getting better everyday.

On the weight training side of things I have mixed feelings. I have definitely improved since my first session but I am not sure if I am at where I need to be at this point in the ball game. I have a hard time remembering that I have only been doing this going on three weeks and it is still pretty early to expect drastic change but I push myself. Sometimes I think I set my standards too high for my level of weight training. As long as I keep this in mind I am pretty happy with where I am at. I think my arms have firmed up a bit since I started. They feel more firm anyway. I also think that my legs are coming along nicely. I am at a higher weight level than what my trainer works out his legs at but I think that is because I am a slightly bigger guy than he is and my legs are used to carrying more weight. Chubby man means buff legs. :)

Overall, I do feel better. I am happier with my diet and I am happy to be working toward a goal of some sort. I am a very goal oriented person and to not have goals for me really bothers me. I have goals for a lot of stuff now and I think that has improved my mood tremendously.

In other news, Barry, the jerk off that I have to tolerate working with almost everyday may finally be on his way to quitting or moving away. WOOHOO!! My co-workers and I are estatic and cannot wait to have a party after he is gone. Some of them are in disbelief and think someting will happen at the last minute that will keep him from going. I on the other hand, am optomistic. If he goes, my work situation will be a ton better than what is now. It would be like if God booted Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and the pure and good animals were left to frolic in their absence. I being one of the pure and good animals....yeah. Just roll with it.


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous dustin said...

I like that comment about Barry. I've worked with a few people like that; when you finally get free of them, things are just surreal.

I'm doing weight-lifting too; if you want to feel good about how you're doing, I can give you a list of what lifts I'm doing and how much I'm putting up. Don't give up just because things are going slowly. Muscles are sexy because they are so hard to develop.


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