Sunday, May 22, 2005

Messing With Burger King

Yesterday, I was hungry and decided to get a reasonable meal from Burger King. I pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered a small Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger meal. All was going well until they asked me what drink I wanted and I said water. This threw them through a loop. It was almost like it was unheard of that someone would dare drink anything other than pop with their already high calorie meal. So I told them I wanted water and the first thing they said was, "Oh ok, you want a bottled water with that." I replied that I did not want a bottled water, simply a cup of water. The response I got was, "Uhh....we are going to have to charge you for a soft drink." Ok, no big deal. I can understand that, when you buy a pop from fast food places you are not paying for the substance itself, merely the cup. Then the lady said to me, "Uhh...we don't even have a button to add a cup of water to a meal. I am going to have to ring you up for a Coke and then I will just give you water instead." By this point, I could give a rat's ass what they had to do so long as I got my cup of ice water. I also found it amusing that there was not a water button for her to push to add the drink to my meal. I did not think that such a mundane request would mess with them so much.

Either way, I finally got the food ordered and get to the window to pay for it. I handed her a twenty dollar bill and she handed me the bag with my food in it. When it came time for her to give me my drink, she first tried to give me a Sprite, then she remembered that I did not have Sprite and tried to give me a Coke because that is what the receipt said. From inside the building, I could hear someone then say to her that I had water instead of Coke and chuckled about the fact that I ordered water. What the hell? Why is it such a big deal that I ordered water?

When she finally gave me my water, she started to give me my change when she paused and asked me if I gave her a twenty dollar bill. After I said yes, she continued to count out my change and handed it to me. Instantly, I knew she had given me way too much in her state of disconbobulation but I was not going to say anything. After leaving the drive-thru, I counted the money and realized that she gave me nineteen dollars and some odd cents back to me. My five dollar meal cost me eighty cents. All because I ordered water.

To put icing on the cake, I scratched off my little Star Wars contest piece and won a free cheeseburger, essentially making my meal free. People that work in fast food places are too used to having everything already figured out for them and automated so when it comes time to actually think, they fall way short of the mark. And to think these people breed.

I think I am going to make it a habit to order water at all fast food places I go to and see how they respond. All I know is that Burger King did not pass the water test.

On another note, Demonator and I went to see Star Wars on Thursday morning and I think both of us were generally pleased with it. Aside from the horrible dialogue between Anakin and Padame, the movie was definitely the best of the three newer films. George Lucas cannot write good dialogue to save his life.


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous dustin said...

I just now realized that anyone (not just people) can leave comments , so you should see feedback from me from this point forth.

Nice work with the water. Being a former fast-food employee, for over two years no less, I feel the Burger King pain. The thing that really made it painful was when they added that screen where everyone can see what you're plugging into the register. We didn't have an "extra ice" button, so if someone wanted a drink with extra ice, we'd just punch "no ice" twice. Obviously, someone ordering would get pissed off if they saw that, so we had to quit when they brought the screen up. Shit like that gets employees in a rut and the slower ones have trouble coping with any changes to their routine. I tell you what, on some days, I could barely work up the interest in my job to listen to what the customer said, let alone try and think about what they were ordering.


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