Friday, May 27, 2005

The Hike

I called in sick to work today because it was nice and sunny and I felt like going for a hike. A few years ago, Demonator, my brother, and I went Geocaching. One spot we were going to hit was this abandoned mine in the foothills above Boise. We got a kind of late start and by the time we were about half way to the supposed location of this mine, we had to turn back and go home do to prior engagements.

Today, I went back to the trail we took and tried to find the place that has eluded us for a couple of years now. It is an almost all uphill climb but I figured that I am in better shape now than I was then so I set off, to go up into the foothills. The mine has eluded me again. I must have gone five or six miles and still did not come to that freaking mine. I can't complain however because the scenery along the path is very nice and it smelled so good out there. I love fresh air.

Thanks to the hike and my lack of sunscreen (yes, I am a dumbass) I got a little crispy crittered today. I figured that when I go back to work tomorrow I would just tell them that I went out for some fresh air on my deck and fell asleep out there. It is a stupid excuse but then again so was my excuse for being sick. I have allergies that are causing migraines that are making me puke. I liked it personally, I do have allergies to damned near everything and I do get migraines that cause me to yack sometimes, just not today. :) Anywho, I am going to sleep now because I have weight lifting tomorrow and I am not sure when I need to be there. Good night!


At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

It was great weather in Eugene, too. Our bosses bought us ice cream-cycles and fudge bars and strawberries. We went on our balcony and enjoyed the sun.

And I backed up my car into a cop car the other day. No, just kidding.

At 2:10 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

Heh, my bosses bought all of us ice cream sandwiches and other frozen confections the other day too. Management must have a thing for ice cream.



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