Sunday, May 01, 2005

Going to Portland This Week

On Thursday and Friday, I will be going to Portland. What's in Portland, you ask? POW. That is, Portland Organic Wrestling. Spyder has decided that he wants to try his hand at amateur wrestling....yeah. I was hesitant to go at first but then I saw what Spyder's tag team partner will be, Foldy, the folding chair. Spyder spent something like four hours painting and dressing up this chair that he will ultimately get bludgeoned with. To top it off, I guess he and this guy will also be fighting on a stage covered in thumb tacks. Yeah, I really need to see this.

Portland Organic Wrestling has been going on for a while now according to the research I have done on it. I am not a huge wrestling fan, but this harkens more to a more glitzy version of Fight Club. It takes place in some bar and from what I gather, draws a pretty good sized crowd. It should at least be an interesting time.

I will be going with Spyder, our buddy Jake, and his brother. It will be a short roadtrip but it should be a fun one. I will post more and maybe some pics of it when we return from the trip.


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