Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Day of Zen

Have you ever had a day where stuff just kind of came together? Today was that kind of day for me. Yesterday, I went to Mushi's and looked over our divorce papers and quite frankly, that ruined my day. But Mushi and I talked and like always, Mushi made some very valid observations into my life. I started thinking about some of the stuff she had said and I have to say I agree with some of it. So today was a new day.

I woke up and went to the historical society to finish proofing a transcription of an oral history interview. That was fun. I then decided to go to Gold's Gym. This was something I had been contemplating doing for a couple of weeks and today I did it. I joined Gold's today and hired a personal trainer for twelve sessions. His name is Ray and he is going to figure out a diet that will work with my and a weight training plan as well. I figured my summer was pretty free and I have been wasting away my time for the past three months. It was time for a change. By the end of summer I will be a Greek god. Or at least closer to being a Greek god. :) I think this will be a positive change in my life and I am looking forward to finally, earnestly working toward that goal.

After Gold's I went to BSU. I have enrolled in a summer school class there so that I may get anoeher teaching endorsement. Right now, I can only teach history classes. That is fine, but it limits me and does not make me the most hireable person in the market. By taking one more class, I am taking a Political Science class, I will get my general social studies endorsement. This means I will be able to teach economics, goverment, social studies, geography, and I think law classes on top of my history classes. This makes me more hireable and flexible. I have decided that I do want to teach or at least do something with history. When I was looking at going into computers, I was running away from my true calling because I was scared and afraid of being rejected by it. I am supposed to teach. I know this now. There is no spoon.

After I stopped at BSU, I came home and ate lunch and then took a nap. I awoke from the nap and proceeded to go swimming at Gold's. After swimming a few laps, I went into the hot tub and did not emerge from it for an hour. While in the hot tub, I had a conversation with a couple about Chinese mysticism, she was reading the Ii Ching. I had another conversation about video games with a man in his fifties, and to top it off, I talked to a kid that was graduating from BSU in three semester with a business degree and was going to be a father in four months. I also met his wife. They seemed nice. I like hot tubs for this reason, they afford me the chance to have random conversations with random people about random things. They usually are not long conversations but they spice things up and while away the time quite nicely. I like single serving friends. I really like hot tubs and swimming pools as well.

Now, I am going to eat my McDonald's. It will probably be the last fast food I have for a while and I am going to enjoy it. I am also having a Coke. I have not had a lot of those lately but one sounded good tonight so I went for it. Tonight was a very zen night. I am relaxed but I am headed in a positive direction for once. It has been a while but it feels good to be pointed in any direction at this point in time. I am sick of doing nothing and I am ready to break the mold. My only regret, I feel that if I did this earlier Mushi and I may still be married but things happened this way for a reason and maybe this is how they needed to be for both of us to make the most in our lives. This is my life and it is time to take it back and make the most of it. Now, I am going to go watch either the Matrix or Fight Club and eat my McDonald's. I hope every one has a good night or day or whatever. This is the first truely good day I have had in a while.


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