Friday, April 15, 2005

A Lull

Sorry I have not posted a ton lately, not a lot has been going on and even less of what has been happening is newsworthy. Those emulators I am told you I was downloading are finally getting close to being done; the 13gig package should finish today and that is the one I have been waiting on.

Work has been pretty quiet lately, I have succumbed to the fact that, in my current posistion I need my job because it is the only work that can afford me my lifestyle and give me the money to buy a house. If I started teaching, that would not even give me enough money to do that. That leads me to another point.

I have realized that if I do buy a house, I am pretty much locked into my job for the foreseable future and am locked into staying in Boise for the time as well. I think I am ok with this but I am not 100% sure. That is kind of why I am glad to be living with Demonator for a bit because that will give me time to sort out all of my finacial stuff as well as my living stuff. Part of me really wants to get a house but the other part wants to make sure I want to live in Boise for another few years. I don't know and thinking about it makes me tired.

I move into Demonator's place on Monday; I haven't even started to get stuff ready yet. I need to get boxes from work tonight and then I will probably start packing a few things up. I think I am going to have to break apart my desk into three pieces to get it into Demonator's. The place I am moving into is essentially a basement that was converted into an apartment. I like the place and the fact that it is a basement means that heating and cooling it are really cheap, I am starting to like really cheap. I figure that by living there, I will be able to free up almost an entire paycheck to pay off my one credit card bill or put toward saving up for a place of my own. My finacial stuff is coming together nicely for a change.

I went to Sin City the other night with Spyder. That was a pretty cool movie, I liked the visuals in it. It is what Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow should have been had it been directed by someone with experience.

Anywho, that is pretty much a summary of the past week. I will post more if anything cool happens.


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