Friday, April 22, 2005

In A Post-Apocalyptic Mood

When I was little, I was terrified that there was going to be a nuclear war and it was going to kill everyone. I was seriously driven nuts with paranoia and fear over the idea. Yes, I was a weird ten nine year old.

The way that I eventually overcame this fear was to learn about nuclear weapons and read books about them and what may happen if they were ever used in the present day. Over time, I did a one-eighty and now I am a tad crazy about post-apocalyptic stuff. I love the Fallout computer games, I love books about the many scenarios that could arise after the bombs fall, and I especially love all of the cheesy movies that have bands of scavenging nomads searching for food in the middle of a desert that was once Chicago.

Demonator was talking to me earlier about a role-playing game he found that takes place in such a world and it got me to thinking, I should just make my own post-apocalyptic rpg. Lord knows I have done more than enough research on the subject. This thought leads me to the heart of this post. A couple of lists I have compiled so that if you have a desire to read or watch post-apocalyptic books or movies, you have a place to start.


Z for Zacharia: This was a badass book that I read in junior high. Basically, I nuclear war breaks out and this girl lives alone on a farm that was spared the ravages of the war. Everything is chill until a guy in a hazmat suit shows up one day.

The Fire Brats Series: I read these when I was in elementary school or early juunior high. I think there are six books in the series but don't quote me on that. This was a cool series that I need to dig out of my parents attic and read again. Hopefully, they will be good this next time around too.

The Postman: Ok, if you watched the movie with the same name that had Kevin Costner in it, you owe it to yourself to read this book. The movie did not follow the book at all and the book is a really good read. It has a Westerny feel to it but at the same time has all of the elements of a great post-nuke read.


A Boy and His Dog: This movie rocked. It stars Don Johnson when he was probably in his late teens and has the voice of Jason Robards. I love this movie and if you have played any of the Fallout games, they reference this film every now and then.

Miracle Mile: This was an HBO movie that I really enjoyed. Think of the movie, Titanic if it did not have an ultra lame lead actor and took place in LA right before the start of a nuclear war in the eighties or early nineties.

Six String Samurai: This movie is weird but funny. Elvis is king of the United States and when he dies, his successors must cross a radiated wasteland to try to fill his shoes in order to become the next king. Good luck finding this one and if anyone finds it on DVD and lets me know, I will worship you like a god.

Defcon 4: This film was made in 1988 and was a pretty violent action movie that lacked pretty much any plot if I remember correctly. But, it had its moments and I deserves a spot on the list.

Atomic Cafe: This movie is not a post-apocalyptic film but is actually a very very well done documentary compiled of all of the nuclear propaganda that our government put out during the Cold War. This movie is awesome and just had it 20th birthday last year. Watch this movie and be creeped out by what our government was actually saying about nuclear weapons and their effects. Its scary because it was real.

That should be a good enough list to get you started on the road to post-apocalyptic bliss. Demonator and I are going to have another nuclear movie night soon and I will update you on what movies we end up watching.


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