Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Finally Home

Okay, I have been home for a couple of days but I have not been able to post due to the fact that my computer has not had a video card. I was installing that Silencer 5 VGA cooler and I had to mess with the wiring of the cooler in order to make it compatible with my card. Anywho, now that that is done my card is smoking fast and cool. I ran ATI Tool on it and maxed out my core speed at 598mhz before artifacting started to occur. I figure that is a good speed seeing that the default speed for the card is 500mhz and the default speed for X850s is 550mhz. I like my video card.

Anywho, the drive back to Boise was long and boring. I left San Jose at almost 2am Sunday morning and did not get back to Boise until around 5pm. I did take an hour long nap on the side of the road but that was pretty much all of the sleep I had for the day. It was a long day.

Overall, I enjoyed my vacation. It is too bad that I had to return from it. San Jose had excellent weather and it is almost 20 degrees cooler here. Oh well, I can always go back again later. Now that I am back for a bit, I will be moving in with my friend Jim. The rent is lower at his place and Dylan is thinking of moving back into his mom's house. This is a move that will save both of us quite a bit of money seeing that the house we are in now takes a decent amount of cash to run. Hopefully, I will not be with Jim for long and I will be in my own house before the end of the summer. I want a place to settle so I can begin to move on with my life. What I am doing now is tiresome.

I start back to work tomorrow and for the first time in a while I think I am ok with that. I need money and something to do. When I go on vacations, I get out of my rythym which is a good thing but after a bit I like having a little bit more oder to my day. Anywho, I am going to fiddle with my video card a bit more and see if I can find a good speed to keep it at for a while.


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