Thursday, April 07, 2005

Damn You CableOne

The past couple of days have sucked. I finally get my VGA cooler working; I had to rip the wiring off of a fan and use it instead of the wiring that the cooler came with. Once the system was up and running, the internet goes down on me. It has been down for the past two days! This morning, I checked to see if it was up again and to my joy it was. Mushi was very angry about this disruption because her schooling requires her to be on the internet and to check her email frequently so for her, this downtime was torturous. I think all of Boise's cable internet subscribers were out in the cold for a bit. It is one downside to living in a city like Boise, you only have one cable provider and one DSL provider so if you don't like either of them, you are screwed.

In other news, I started back to work yesterday. Joy. It was an easy day but it was still work. I have the same shift today and tomorrow. I do not totally mind going back to work because I was starting to get a tad stir crazy and needed something to do toward the end of the vacation. I also need the money. With the next paycheck I get and the bonus I got last Friday, I will hopefully be able to pay off my car. That will be one less bill I have to deal with.


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