Sunday, April 10, 2005

Can You Hear Me Now

For the past couple of days, my voice has been fading in and out. I think I have a tad of a flu bug or something and the only thing it has really affected has been my voice. As I am typing this, I am hoarse but my voice has definitely returned for the time being. The people at work have loved me for two reasons over the past couple of days. The first being that I sound kind of like Napoleon Dynamite and people have been making me say lines from the movie and getting a big kick out of it. "Tina, eat your food. EAT YOUR FRICKIN' FOOD!!" Secondly, when people call me on the radio or on the phone, they can barely make out my voice and what they do hear sounds like the gutteral mutterings of a man who has smoked Lucky Strikes for over a decade. If you take Napoleon Dynamite and the Marlboro Man and put them in a bed and wait nine months, that is kind of what I have been sounding like for a couple of days.

Tommorow, I will still be a tad hoarse but people should at least be able to understand me. In other news, I am moving in with my friend Jim a week from Monday. Rent is cheaper there and I do not know how long I was going to be able to keep staying with Dylan, as he was starting to get low on funds and was contemplating moving to a cheaper location. Either way, I hope that this is the last move until I can find a place of my own. As much as I like spending quality time with good friends, I want a house of my own. And I do not want to move for a while after that. I have been feeling way too nomadic as of late and I have way too much crap to be a nomad. It is not like I can just pack up my yurt and sheep and move all of the time, if I wanted to do that I would go to Mongolia. Mogwai Khan.


At 5:13 PM, Blogger Theodora said...

Hiya! Jim and I managed to get his house kinda picked up (at least, everything except his room) today; not done by quite a long shot, but getting much better!

I drank something called Throat Coat herbal tea when I had laryngitis, and it helped a lot. The Co-op carries it; good stuff, thick and slippery -- and it tastes good, too.


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