Tuesday, April 12, 2005

All Hail The Mighty Emulator!

I love emulators! I have had a good set of NES and SNES emulators and roms for a while but I must say, the past few days have taken the emulator cake for me. I was looking on one of my favorite Bittorrent sites the other day and I found a complete set of roms for MAME and for the N64. I was in heaven.

The MAME set is huge. For those of you unfamiliar with emulation, basically a program is run that tricks your computer into thinking it is something it isn't like a Sega Genesis or Atari 2600. Just about every old console gaming system has an emulator made for it and most of the new ones do too but they do not work nearly as well as the older ones. Anywho, MAME is the emulator of choice for stand-up arcade games like Street Fighter II and King of Fighters. That kind of game. Anywho, I am getting damned near every arcade game out there. Joy to the world! I love these things mainly because I can play all of the older games that I used to play when I was little on my computer in all of their glory. A lot of the games I like, I can't find in arcades anymore so emulators make perfect sense. The other nice part is that I can play these on my modded XBox as well.

In other news, I went to Jim's today who will from here on out be called Demonator, and helped him clean up the apartment. I think moving there will be a good move and it will definitely help me save money. Rent and utilities are almost nothing. This will be good, I will get to pay off my car and American Express quickly and be able to amass a windfall of cash in which to put a down payment on a house toward the end of summer. At least this is my plan. Sometimes I can get carried away with spending but I think living with my pal Demonator will help this. I am on my way to financial freedom.


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