Sunday, March 13, 2005

Up Early

So I have been up since 4:30am. I went to bed sometime around 10:30 last night so that kind of explains it. It was not a great night last night and I don't expect today to be all too glorious either. This whole being seperated thing blows and I am to the point where I just really don't give a damned anymore. If Mushi and I are going to get back together then I want it to happen soon; if we are going to get a divorce then I would prefer it to be sooner than later as well. Oh, just in case your wondering which one you should put your money on should betting arise, I would go with divorce at this point in time. If you do bet and win with the information I have given you, I want half of the money.

As you have probably guessed, I am not very chipper at the moment. I am going to talk to Mushi when she gets off work and hopefully I can get some solid answers as to what in the world is going on. I know how I would like all of this to end but I doubt it will work out that way; at this point in time, I just want stuff to end regardless.

For those of you with girlfriends I have some advice. Get stuff figured out before you get married. Marriage will not solve problems within the relationship, if anything it makes them worse. Talk to each other honestly and openly and think really really hard before you decide to get married. I am all for marriage and still think it is a wonderful thing but seperation/divorce really sucks and I am not too much of an advocate for it. You do not want to do this, trust me.


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