Sunday, March 06, 2005


I don't know if it is spelled correctly, but that is the native American word for buffalo. I learned this from Dances With Wolves. Tonight, I went to the Buffalo Club. Sweet is basically a place where hicks go to score with other hicks. I have to say that I was not a big fan of the place but it has tremendous people watching opportunities.

It was this guy I work with's birthday so I was compelled to go along for the ride and I must say, a club like this can only exist in Idaho. It looked like a taxidermy shop collided with a bar and had a kid. There were stuffed things everywhere...EVERYWHERE! I counted one stuffed rabbit, two stuffed mountain goats, one elk, one moose, a couple of ducks, a pheasant, and various other creatures unlucky enough to get in front of the business end of some inbred's gun. It was crazy.

The only thing nuttier than the bar's decor were the people. There was this one lady I see come into my work all of the time and she is crazy. When I say "crazy" I mean it, she belongs in an institution somewhere. She has issues and one of those issues includes looking like a crazy skank and dancing with guys in coyboy hats and belt buckles bigger than their IQ's. The guys I went with basically go there to get laid and I figured out why they are so successful in doing so; the women there will jump on anyone not wearing a cowboy hat. They are almost all wasted, desperate, and horny. Any straight man can go into that bar and rest assured he will leave with a woman if he so chooses. It is like going into a Mormon church and being the only guy there that does not want to go on a mission. The chicks flock to you. I am not Mormon, nor have I ever sauntered into a temple, but that is what I imagine it would be like. The fine Mormon ladies would look at you and think to themselves that you are such a rebel and want to jump you. Anywho, I have strayed off topic.

I will probably go to the Buffalo Club again. Tonight, was too entertaining to only experience it once. I have never seen so many people with such...such...stereotypical Idahoan behavior. I am a city boy and therefore, do not fit in in places like the Buffalo Club but hey, I like to people watch and there is plenty of that to be had there.


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