Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sick of Hearing About Terri Schiavo

Over the past few days, all I have heard on the radio and tv is Terri Schiavo this and Terri Schiavo that. I am getting sick of it. I usually don't talk too much about current events but I am going to rant for a moment so I hope you can bear with me.

First off, I am for her right to die and her husband's right to make that choice for her. Yes, her husband may be a sleazy guy with another girlfriend and two kids but is he supposed to put his life on pause for more than a decade while his wife sits in a bed starring into a void. He says that Terri once told him she would never want to live like she is now and neither would I. Some people have said he has alterior motives for wanting Terri gone and I hope that is not the case. The bottom line is: WE WILL NEVER KNOW AND LEGALLY, IT IS HIS DECISION.

Secondly, why do Terri Schiavo's parents want her to be kept alive so much? What is in it for them? I understand that they say that she does indeed respond to them and their words, but doctors who are much more qualified to judge the responsiveness of a person in Terri's state, say that she is not responsive at all beyond the bounds of the average person in a permanent vegitative state. I take this to believe that there is nobody behind the wheel in the vehicle that was Terri Schiavo. I think her parents, like all parents, love their child. But I also think that it is time for them to let go and let nature and the legal system take its course, whatever it may be.

Lastly, and this one really pisses me off: THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD STAY OUT OF THIS! This is an issue between private citizens and the legal system. The legal system has worked for more than two hundred years and it is working now. It may be flawed but it is what it is. The courts have already said that legally, Terri Schiavo's husband is the one that gets to choose her fate. If they had kids, they would be the next in line, and then her parents would be third. It is pretty cut and dry and I am totally against the government interferring with the process. When the government starts to get into affairs like this, it opens the door for them to muddle with other things as well and I am not fond of that idea. Also, what does it say of a government that can take months to get a bill passed into law when the bill really does not effect them but when they want to get off their butts and actually get something done, they can do it in a day? This bothers me. We pay them to pass legislation and they drag their feet through it but we now know that they can work at a much faster pace. Maybe they should work this quickly all of the time and get a years worth of work done in a month or two instead of five or six. That would definitely save some money somewhere.

Anywho, that is my take on the whole thing. I am sick of hearing about it and I dread the fact that when Terri Schiavo does die, they will produce a Lifetime Made for TV Movie out of the whole debacle for lonely housewifes to watch and weep over for a day or two. I can see it now, "Terri's Story: One Woman's Struggle for Life". Beh.


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