Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Not A Bad Day

As the title suggests, today was not too bad of a day. I worked out, helped thwart a shoplifter, and found a new job I am interested in. I am coming to grips with the divorce thing a little better and am in a reletively good mood today.

Tomorrow does not look bad either. I tried to submit my resume online to this company but the way it formats even my plaintext resume looks crappy so I think I will just take it into them tomorrow. I have a name to ask for there so maybe if they are not too busy, I will get a chance to speak to them. We will see. It is a litigation document copying company and they need a technical assistant. It seems like pretty easy work and they want A+ certification so maybe they would pay for the tests. I have been studying for them and just have not had the $250.00 laying around to spend on them. It sounds like they are just looking for a nerd to problem solve for them and do some minor IT work for them. I can do that.

Anywho, just figured that I would update since I haven't in a day or two. I wish I could say there is more going on than that but alas, my life is kind of boring right now. Maybe I will have more to report tomorrow.


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