Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nerd Day

Today, Ben and I are meeting some of his friends at one of their favorite lunchtime dining spots, Neto's. It is a sausage factory that on Tuesdays, sells deli style sandwiches made from the product that put them on the map, sausages. I have seen pictures of pasty Neto's visits and the sandwiches look excellent so I am excited.

After Neto's, we are going to be heading to a couple of computer stores that Ben holds in high regard. Last night, we went to Fry's Electronics; I love that place. They are basically, the Costco of electronics stores. They are huge buildings that sell everything and I mean everything that has to do with electronics. It rocks. I picked up a Belkin FM transmitter for my iPod there last night. I may end up getting a couple of harddrives from them as well. I am running out of space and Mushi is too so this would be a good time to rectify the problem.

I think later on today, I may format this system and put a dual boot installation of Linux and Windows XP on here just for fun. I need to become more familiar with Linux and vacations are always a good time to do this.

In other news, right before I left for vacation, my fan on my X800 video card died. My card would start to overheat after a couple of minutes and this was worrying me. None of the computer stores in Boise carry the size of VGA cooler that I need to fix the card but fortunately, I am not in Boise right now. I found a place last night that carries the Silencer 5 VGA cooler for X800s so I will probably pick one of those up while I am here too.

I am having fun here and am glad I went on vacation. It has been very refreshing for me to ger away from Boise. I will hopefully get a call tomorrow about the job I interviewed for before I started my vacation. I really hope they will hire me, I could use the change. Anywho, I am going to go find something for breakfast now.


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