Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My New Toy

I received a Kodak digital camera for Christmas from my parents a couple of months ago and it was a nice little camera for just pointing and shooting. Over the past couple of months, I have come to want something with a little better zoom than the standard 3x optical that most of the consumer grade cameras have. When I came to work recently, I found the camera I wanted sitting happily on the shelf before me, the Kodak Z740.

This little guy has everything that I have come to desire in a digital camera but have not been able to get on mine. It sports a nifty 10x optical zoom, its 5 megapixels, can take other lenses that go over the existing one, takes burst shots, has a quick shutter, and more manual functions. So yesterday, I returned my other camera and paid the diffence to get this one. I like this camera. I also figured that if I were to be going to Area 51 and taking pictures, I would need a better zoom than my old one and the Z740 fits the bill perfectly.

Speaking of Area 51 and my trip, I just tried calling the Little A'Le'Inn a few minutes ago to make reservations and she told me to call back in fifteen minutes because she just had a party of 35 people walk in the door and she needed to help them. I found this to be somewhat amusing because in a bigger town..hell...any other town that had more than four businesses in it, they would never do that to prospective customers. The joys of being the best and biggest a town has to offer by default.

Anywho, I have my interview tomorrow so long as he doesn't push it back again. :) I am hopeful that it will go well. I guess I will just have to wait and see. In preparation for it though, I have been tinkering with Adobe Acrobat Pro and making pdf files. That is a neat little program and extremely easy to use. But now, I must go to work.


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