Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Making Plans

Toward the end of this month, I will be heading to California to see a friend of mine and hang out with him for about a week. As I sat planning which route I would take to get to San Jose, it dawned on me that since I would be travelling alone I could go to some out of the way places to see stuff that I would not normally stop and look at but may be interested in. As I started think about this I reallized that in order to get there I was going to have to head South at some point in time. I thought about staying a night in Reno, NV and maybe do a little gambling and then leaving the next day. This was logical because it was a close half way point between Idaho and San Jose.

Then I got a wild hair and decided to see how far away Roswell, New Mexico was. Roswell, is the sight of the famous UFO crash that ocurred in 1947 supposedly. I did a MapQuest and found that it was way to far out of my way to go there, almost 20 hours for each leg of driving. No way. It then hit me that Area 51 was in Nevada so I did a Mapquest to see how far away Rachel, NV was. This was a much more acceptable 10.5 hours to get there, 9.5 hours to get to San Jose. Not really a half way point, seeing that San Jose is roughly 11.5 hours away but still, it is closer than Roswell. So I think I have come to the conclusion that I am going to visit Area 51 on my way to San Jose. To some, this may seem stupid and part of me agrees with you. But, I have always had a thing for UFOs and Area 51. I like conspiracy theory stuff but am sane enough not to believe about 98% of it. Either way, this odd fascination still exists and I have always wanted to visit these places.

If Mushi were coming with me there is no way that I would ever go to Area 51/Rachel, NV and stay for a night; Rachel is not a big town. When I say that it is a small town, I mean that nicely. They finally purchased a fire truck for the town in August of 2002. If you go to the town's website, there are only four businesses in the town, one thrift store, one gas station/trailer park, one farm of some sort, and the Little A'Le'Inn. The latter is where I will be staying for the night. The Little A'Le'Inn is also the only restaurant in town and it also has a trailer park. Basically, the town has tourism written all over it.

So that will be my wild Spring Break adventure. I am getting excited for it...only three weeks to go.


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