Monday, March 21, 2005

A Busy Weekend

This weekend has been pretty good but busy as well. I had to dogsit for my parents which correlates into watching a bunch of movies and just hanging out basically. Not too difficult.

I also had to work this weekend which sucked as usual except for the fact that I made a lady scream at me and call me a jackass. My cusomter service is the pinnacle that all salespeople should strive for but so few ever do. I am a customer service god and the customers feel my wrath. On the upside, they may not have to feel my wrath for much longer.

Which leads me to the next cool thing of the weekend...err..week since it happened today. I got a call back from the one place I applied at and I have an interview with them tomorrow at 9am. Go me! Hopefully, I will be working there soon. I also hope that they will be cool with my vacation that I have coming up this weekend. I would hate to have to ditch my vacation for this job but I will if need be. I spoke to him before about it and he seemed ok with it so hopefully that won't be an issue. I love to go to interviews but I get nervous right before them. Hopefuuly, all will go well and I will know whether I have a new job to come back to when I return from vacation. My current boss wants me to stay on for another couple weeks even if I get the job just so he can get someone else over there to replace me. We will see...I do not really want to stay there too much longer because the idea of a twelve hour work day kind of sucks, as does the idea of dealing with people when I don't really have to. It may come down where I just make up some weird excuse to tell my boss I can't stick around. I think the one I will use if I actually get this job will be something about how they are flying me to their main office in Salt Lake to train me for a week or something. It is cheesy but I dare you to ask me how much I really give a damn. On top of that, if they think my customer service rocks now, just wait and see what happens when that job becomes expendable to me. Hehehehehehhehehehehehehehe. carried away there.

Anywho, I am off to go running and then play some poker in a tourney my brother is hosting at my parents' house. Wish me luck for the interview and I will update tomorrow on how the whole thing went. Later.


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