Friday, March 18, 2005

Another Pretty Good Day

So I am thinking I must be on a roll because this is two pretty good days in a row. It is wierd. The only irksome thing about today is the fact that no matter what I try, I cannot get my damned pic of Gizmo to show on this blog. It is starting to tick me off. Other than that, good day.

The first and foremost of the cool things that happened today is the fact that I took my resume into that job that I talked about in my last post. It talked to the guy that was doing the hiring for the position I was looking into and he and I got along pretty well. He is kind of a nerd too so we talked about Linux and networking and other stuff. I think it went well. He had me fill out an official job app right there and then told me to expect an interview sometime early next week. I am stoked. If I can get it out of them as to whether or not they plan on hiring me before the end of next week then I will hopefully able to tell my boss right now that I will not be returning from my vacation. That would be very very sweet. I am excited, though I am trying not to get my hopes up but I would be a shoe in for this job. I must wait and see how stuff plays out.

Work was okay today. I got a free twelve pack of Amber Bock from a lady I work with. I messed around with her computer last week so she felt the need to repay me. Free beer is a good way to do that. I am not usually a huge beer fan but Amber Bock is okay and free Amber Bock is especially welcome.

After work, I went to the bar across the street with a guy from work. That was okay; seeing that it was St. Patty's day I had to drink something. What would the wee green people think of me if I let them down on the only day sanctioned by the wee people to drink. We all know the elves got screwed out of Christmas as being the official wee people drinking holiday so when St. Patty's comes around, I feel like I owe it to them. :) As a tribute to all of the joy and peace that is Ireland, I had an Irish Car Bomb. Sinn Fein would be proud.


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