Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Work Weirdness

Work was slow tonight. Not a lot of people, not a lot of anything. Except for four middle aged men walking through the building. The company I work for only has one major competitor and that company has been thinking about moving into our territory. So what better way to get a feel for our business then to send in four of their managers to scope us out on one of our slowest nights. No that won't be obvious at all.

These guys come in, all of the are dressed semi-casual to semi-formal and all of them stay in a tight little group while vulturing throughout the store. They would stop at specific products and hold little mini-seminars around them. Picking up the object, opening it, talking, laughing, and then moving on. It was like they were ninjas...only louder...dumber...and much less agile. That last part I am just speculating on.

To me, if I were going to study my competitor, would it not be more intelligent to come in on a busier day? Maybe only send in one or two guys at a time? Maybe whisper? Thats just me though. Its not like they were doing anything wrong but they were just being stupid about it. They were attracting attention to themselves. And the best part of all of this, I get paid more than them, a lot more. :)


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