Monday, February 28, 2005

Oral Goodness

Ok, I know what you are all thinking and your sick. Today has been pretty good so far. I woke up this morning at the ass crack of dawn aka: 7:50am and went to the Idaho Historical Society's Archives for my first real day of work there. I only went in for two hours today but I love every minute of it. It is basically as I hoped it would be, I went in, got sat down in front of a computer with a tape deck and headphones, and summarized an oral history interview a grandson did with his grandfather. It was great. I am not feeling as edgy as I have been the past couple of days and I think that is largely due to the historical work, it soothes me.

It looks like oral history stuff will be my main function at the historical society. It will be my job to go in and listen to all of these oral history interviews and index them. I will also be writing abstracts for all of the interviews. I think it will be very interesting and educational. The main guy said that tomorrow I might be making digital snippets to put on the website which means I will be converting stuff into mp3. Yay! Technology and history unite to transform into the ultra-historicalsaurus with laser beam shooting nostrils! Anywho, its off to lunch with Jake now. It is a Din Fung day. Ahh....Din Fung.


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Call me this weekend. - TPL


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