Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Goodbye Carly!

Carly Fiorina, Hewlett Packard's CEO is stepping down effective immediately. This is good news, most people around Boise that work for HP cannot stand her and feel that she has driven the company into the ground. While reigning as Queen of the Printer People, Fiorina spearheaded the merger with Compaq, a dumb move in my opinion. HP products, computers specifically, went downhill a tad quality-wise and Compaq products got a little better in that department. Now both of them suck, just a varying degrees.

The thing that really drives me nuts about Fiorina is the way that she went about hiring and firing people at HP. I know a gentleman in his sixties that was an engineer there for at least ten years and they let him go. The really cheap part was when they called him back and told him they wanted to re-hire him but as an independent contractor with no benefits. How freaking shafty is that? I understand that this is pretty commonplace in the tech field but I do not think it is right. Hopefully, whoever steps up to the helm is a little bit more employee oriented than Carly was.

To her credit, she was one of the few female CEOs to lead a company the size of HP and she deserves kudos for that. She helped to modernize HP's look and bring them up to speed with other tech companies. The bottom line is however, I doubt she will be missed by too many people at HP, at least not the ones that I know.


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Theodora said...

While reigning as Queen of the Printer People...You have a lovely way with words, Ty.


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