Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Day of Progress

Today was a really good day for me. I made an appointment earlier this week to talk to a person at the BSU career center about my resume. My appointment was at 9am and I got there at ten til. After waiting around for a few minutes, I was escorted back to an office and the lady was very helpful in suggesting ways to improve my resume. The meeting didn't last that long so after it was done I went to visit my mom at work.

My mom has a good sized office at a local high school and she is responsible for most of their accounting stuff. I talked to her for a minute and then plopped down into a chair and fired up the laptop. Within half an hour my resume was down. Yes!!! I have been wanting to get that done for months now. I also did a plain text version of it because that is was Micron was asking for on their jobsearch website. I left my mom's work a very happy camper.

I then had lunch with my dad and he look the resume over and couldn't find any problems with it. Today was like a parental bonding day. If I do not do this every once in a while they get antsy.

After lunch, I went to work. Yeah....the progress was put on pause when I got to work. I hate work. Anywho fast forward eight hours and the progress resumed. I dropped off this one girl I work with that needed a ride to her house because her car was non-functioning at the moment and then got dinner.

After dinner, I jumped on the computer and submitted my resume to Micron. I feel sooo relieved right now. This is something that I have been wanting to do for months and it is finally done. I get nervous when I think about changing jobs largely because I am not overly fond of breaking my routines. But as you have seen, I hate my job and this is one routine that needs to be broken. The other cool part is that now I have my resume finished, I can submit it to other places. I don't think I will be at my old job much longer. I am feeling lucky and very positive at the moment. I am feeling kind of grown up and that is something I haven't felt for a while as well. Anywho, today was definitely a turning point in the battle for a better, more satisfying job.


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