Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Damn You Suncoast!!

I have a $20 gift card to my local mall and figured I would snag a DVD with it. I went in with the intent to buy the second volume of Batman: The Animated Series and knew that I would have to fork over a little cash to make up the difference but I did not think it would be that big of a difference! They wanted almost $50 for the DVD set! Fifty Bucks!!!! WTF! In fact, there wasn't a single DVD I wanted that was below twenty-two or twenty-three bucks. My conclusion: Suncoast is the single biggest rip off artist in the DVD kingdom.

I then decided to tell the mall to take a flying leap with their gift card and just give me cash but of course, they would not do this either. Just for fun, I then ventured to Best Buy which is no more than a couple of blocks away from the mall to see what their price was for the same DVD set. As I suspected, they wanted $37, a much more reasonable price. Now, I just need to find some one to give the mall gift card to in exchange for cash.

I do not see how Suncoast can remotely justify marking up their DVDs almost 25% above everyone else. It is not like they are a special store that only deals in rare movies, they are just another store in the mall that thinks they can make a buck by ripping off sixteen year olds.


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