Sunday, February 27, 2005


You ever have the feeling when you wake up that your day is going to suck? I kind of have had that for two days. Its odd. It does not help that I have been having some weird dreams both nights and have woken up from them both nights. This never happens to me, I usually can control my dreams pretty well but these last couple have been really messed up. What do ya do?

I guess the feeling I have had for the last couple of days has not really been the feeling that my days are going to suck but more of a feeling of edgyness. I just feel really anxious and jumpy and I am not sure why it has happened this weekend. Its odd. I just feel like my blood pressure is up and that my mind is going a mile a minute. I don't think I am having anxiety attacks but I am definitely anxious. Hopefully, my sessions at the historical society tomorrow will calm my nerves a tad. Anywho, off to work I go!


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