Sunday, February 06, 2005

Birthday Eve

Birthday Eve is much like Christmas Eve but for me. Yeah, my birthday is tomorrow. I can't say I am moved all too much by it, it is just my 25th. The only cool thing that happens to you 25th birthday is that your car insurance goes down. While I like this, it is still not too thrilling. The next time anyone gives a rat's ass about my birthdays will be when I turn forty. Thats also an uplifting thought.

Anywho, Mushi and I are going to my parents tonight for dinner. I think my mom is making Beef and Broccoli, yum. Tomorrow, Mushi and I are going out to dinner and then maybe a movie or something. All in all, this probably won't be the most eventful day of my life. Here is a thought for you to ponder, what is your favorite birthday memory? For me it was when i was probably seven or eight and my grandparents gave me a very oddly shaped gift. When I opened it, it was a GI Joe kite and two GI Joes. I remember that one of them was Dr. Mindbender. I don't know why that sticks out to me so much but it does. Odd.

Anywho, must go to work now. Later.


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