Sunday, January 23, 2005

An Uplifting Experience

Since my department got a new manager, he has been wanting me to get forklift certified so that I can help stock the department at night. In a car, I am not the best driver in the world; I am not horrible but there are better people out there than me when it comes to driving cars. Now this guy wants me to drive a forklift! Hehehehehe.

Today, I passed the written portion of the forklift certification test. Now I just have to pass the driving one. The fun part about that is the last time I drove one of those two ton beasts, I hit the side of an aisle so hard it bent the steel shelving six inches in on both sides of the shelf. I have always liked going fast, be it in cars or otherwise and sometimes I forget that I should ease into things and go slower. My bad.


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