Saturday, January 01, 2005

Or Give Me Death (AKA Happy New Year!)

Ok, so BSU lost the Liberty Bowl. That sucks but on the upside, it was a very good game. 44-40 is a decent score seeing that the spread favored Louisville but 14 I think.

In other news, Spyder and I went to our company Christmas party. Am I buzzed, yes, but trust me, you would be too if you had to tolerate the co-workers that I do. I won a $25 gift card though and that is cool; it will help me to buy some random DVD. I am not sure which one yet but it will probably be either "Return of the King SE" or the "Star Wars" trilogy. Not sure yet. In a totally unrelated train of thought, it is amazing how much alcohol you can cram into a trench coat. Not only is the garment fear inspiring but it can also carry a half gallon of Malibu rum and a fifth of Jager...go figure.

So now it is 2005. Woohoo! What does this mean, probably not a lot but it is a new year. 2004 had a lot of really memorable moments and I don't think 2005 will top it but we shall see. I am hoping that the new year brings me a new job and maybe some tech certifications. We shall see. Anywho, I am going to go and sober up a tad more and maybe post some more serious New Year resolutions when I am totally with it tomorrow. Happy New Year and may it bring you many happy memories! What the hell am I saying....have a good night.


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